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Initiate Investing ASAP as each rupee and year counts!!

This blog is not for those who born with a silver spoon in mouth and doesn't have to worry about their financial position, but those who want to save but don't know how OR they complain every time about do not have enough money for saving OR those who feel a shortage with money at the end of the month.

Saving money regularly is just a simple habit nothing else! Like your other habits decide your present and future, money-saving habits can also decide the financial status of our present and future.

How to develop the Habit of saving money?
Make a list of your unnecessary, avoidable expenses, it could be anything asks to yourself what expense if mine might go on to the list of savings, our basic problem is that we never make a list of our expenses, so we don't know where our money is going. By making a list you will catch those reasons.

Example - some time ago, I have heard audio of one RJ has called a boy named Virat and asked him to make some calculation of how much he has…

Does JET AIRWAYS has doubled wealth of a traders in a day?

Sometimes you took a flight of jet airways for Mumbai to Delhi, but when you about to land, crew staff announce we are about to land in Pakistan... and your reaction will be like “what the hell is going on!!”
after watching the way stock traded yesterday, Got the above mentioned stupid thought and same feeling “what the hell is going on!!”
let's check out the journey... the stock has taken off from negative side went down to 26.55 which is a new 52 week low from there on pilot’s mind has changed towards Pakistan level and started moving that side slowly and gradually and as lending time come closer to meet the timeline criteria it has on the nitrous oxide gas button and stock took full speed and reach the highest level of the day at 82.75 and then as nitrous oxide gas supply finished it has landed at 62.85 on NSE(Pakistan), again traders thinking “what the hell is going on!!”
More than 220% upside from the day’s low in a single trading session, is it really happened?? Yes, it is.…

Credit card bill – How the minimum amount is the misleading amount?

Your Credit card gives you two movie tickets free in a month, online shopping discount, 45 days credit limit, the convenience of not loading cash in your pocket, but along with all these if you pay only the minimum amount in your bill, unknowingly you are a paying the highest return of 40 – 42% per annum.
Most of us are a doing mistake while using a credit card is that we are not checking our bills on a regular basis, as in notification of SMS of the bill pending they also mentioned the minimum amount along with the total amount, and as the minimum amount is very less compared to the total amount we prefer to pay that only, and we keep on assuming that...what great credit I am receiving with my credit card bill, I have spent Rs 10,000 but at present, I have to pay only Rs Next month I will spend even more!! Therefore I am saying please check your bills regularly, late payment fee,finance charges or interest are those words who reflecting wealth generation source for credi…

Why Equity must be present in your wealth portfolio?

Some say it's Risky,
Some say it's with No Guarantee,
Some say it's Gambling and so on...

But whatever they say, if you want to generate great wealth, Equity must be present there and no one can proxy it...Example - if you check the performance of HDFC bank it has given 16,100% return since its inception.

What else will give you such huge Returns??

In short, the thing is if you choose quality stocks and invest them on a regular basis, there are more chances that you will generate huge wealth.

                                                                                  Sensex has started its journey from 1978- 79 with 100 points, after 40 years it has reached 40,000, it has grown with more than 17% CAGR(Compounded Annually Growth Rate).

What source is giving you a 17% CAGR for 40 long years??

you must have heard the names of

Warren Buffet, 
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala,
Ramdeo Agrawal,
Porinju Veliyath,
Dolly Khanna,
Ramesh Damani
Vijay Kedia

are the big names, who earn Millions and …

15 stocks have >75% Pledged promoters share Holding

Promoters share pledging is a fundamentally healthy sign or not?? Generally, do we really check the number of pledged shares of promoters while investing in any stock?
Why it is compulsory to check pledging share%? Pledging in limited proportion may not affect much as far as investors earning is concerns, but a higher proportion of pledged shares surely affect investors earning, as promoters are always answerable to those pledged share so first, they use their earning profit to make those share unpledged therefore investors won’t get many advantages of growth and profit with such kind of company.
Even though stocks enter into the risky zone into the bear the market as the price of the stock fall further so pledged share value decreases so again to reach the previous value promoters need to deposit money or need to pledge more shares and this cycle mostly never ends.
Let’s check real examples of 15 stocks where share pledging is more than 75% as of March 2019 and their return to the …

Does DHFL has pressed the PANIC BUTTON of NIFTY?

NBFC sector wants all the limelight of stock markets, couple of weeks before it was IL&FS defaulted on its loan and now DHFL’s delay the payment of a nearly Rs 1,000 crore obligation.

On this note ICRA, CARE & CRISIL have downgraded DHFL’s outstanding commercial papers worth Rs 8,500 crore, therefore DHFL share has plunged more than 16% intraday to come in two-digit category to the level of 93.95 on NSE closing on 6th June.

Reports suggest that DHFL may have outstanding worth Rs 1 lakh crore, now market is getting worried for this Giant Rs 1 lakh crore, so in spite of 25 BPS repo rate cut in RBI policy NIFTY has drawn its complete attention to DHFL only and tanks up to 11,843.75 down by 177.90 points.
Following Banks have expected exposure in DHFL
Bank Expected exposure Fall on intraday 6th June Yes Bank 4830 cr -6.15% Bank of Baroda 6970 cr -6.22% United Bank 2490 cr -1.38% Union Bank 3264 cr

20 buzzing stocks have made new 52 weeks high along with NIFTY

SENSEX & NIFTY has reached on the new mountain of 40,300 and 12,100 on 3rd June 2019, along with them 20 stocks have also crossed their 52 weeks high marks and reach to new milestones.
Stocks from Nifty have reached at new high:-
STOCK NEW 52W/H PREV.HIGH AXIS BANK 827.75 822.10 BAJAJ FINSERV 8338 8365 BAJAJ FINANCE 3550 3531 HDFC BANK 2465.75 2465