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Does JET AIRWAYS has doubled wealth of a traders in a day?

Sometimes you took a flight of jet airways for Mumbai to Delhi, but when you about to land, crew staff announce we are about to land in Pakistan... and your reaction will be like “what the hell is going on!!”  

after watching the way stock traded yesterday, Got the above mentioned  stupid thought and same feeling “what the hell is going on!!”

let's check out the journey...
the stock has taken off from negative side went down to 26.55 which is a new 52 week low from there on pilot’s mind has changed towards Pakistan level and started moving that side slowly and gradually and as lending time come closer to meet the timeline criteria it has on the nitrous oxide gas button and stock took full speed and reach the highest level of the day at 82.75 and then as nitrous oxide gas supply finished it has landed at 62.85 on NSE(Pakistan), again traders thinking “what the hell is going on!!”

More than 220% upside from the day’s low in a single trading session, is it really happened?? Yes, it is...Even I have checked all the available platforms before writing this blog.

News related to jet AIRWAYS...
SBI has filed insolvency plea in NCLT on June 18, on June 20 NCLT has accepted the petition and suggested to IRP(insolvency resolution professional) a timeline of 90 days, with submitting progress report fortnightly therefore first report will come on July 5.

Another news was older one as with such huge swings in a single session, NSE has decided to exclude jet airways from the new July series from F&O.

I am not sure who has double or triple their wealth in a yesterday trading, but I most sure that so many traders have lost their wealth if they have not kept stop loss.

Kindly avoid journey through such flights which is any time using nitrous oxide towards up or down...

“Never trade without stop loss”


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